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Noble Software Technologies is a South East Asian multinational corporation headquartered in Singapore. We develop and support companies that apply technology striving to improve quality of life for all. It is the parent company of DianAlfabet and involved in other ventures Visi Prima Nusantara.

Andy is a 7th Grade Middle School student, study at his best to finish the Middle School, while find his best interest, to get prepared when ready to enter High School.

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Mr. Gary is a Middle School Science Teacher, doing her best to deliver the knowledge to students, and still keep the school administration workbooks completed.

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Mrs. Lisa is a principal in Middle School, doing at his best to deliver best education in the school by various approaches and methods, for better life in future.

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Student Classes

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Our products can be used in K12 school grades, include:
Elementary School, Middle School, and High School

Curriculum Hierarchy :
  • Kurikulum 2013 (K13)
  • Kurikulum 2013 Revisi (K13 Revisi)

  • We are using the updated curriculum used in Indonesia based on government regulation. We always keep update the curriculum whenever there is an update from government.

    Elementary School

    Grade 4-6

    Middle School

    Grade 7-9

    High School

    Grade 10-12

    Student Engagement is Important


    When Teachers ask students some questions, or ask the students to discuss a lesson with their friends in group, actually student engagement already present. By keep student interacting with the Teacher, Friends, anyone, or any media, it means they are taking part in their process of learning.


    But somehow, each student’s reaction is different. We can see engaged students are like to compete or achieve, feel happy in school, and attend class regularly.


    Of course we want every student get the best result, but to reach the best result, of course we need some strategies at the process of learning:

    Participatory teaching
    This is a student-centered approach to pedagogy. We can focus on self regulation and self reflection or peer-based learning process.
    Integrated Curriculum
    Visual Representations
    Use Simulations
    Technology in/out of classroom

    Based on the strategies, our application will help Teacher to keep student engaged in their learning, in the classroom, or even when the students are at home. We covered so many features, from Teacher’s perspective until Principal’s perspective, all of them are designed to improve student engagement in learning.

    Video Conference Meeting

    Not enough time in the classroom to discuss with Teacher and friends? We integrate video conference meeting along with the scheduling. We support popular video conferences in our app, such as: