Build software educational products that kids love on the Frontend Team. Provide an intuitive elearning course management by admins/teachers and parents. Bring to life a world of fun for kids on a learning platform from hundreds of videos, mini lessons and adaptable quizzes.


  • Developing intuitive, customer focused web applications across multiple platforms including desktop, laptop, mobile, and TV.
  • Create user centered designs for K-12 Kids and Adults by considering usability findings, market analysis, customer feedback, app metrics. 
  • Candidates are willing to take ownership of their job responsibility


  • Relevant work experience in Web Development. A portfolio showcasing projects. Understand the goals of the work, can explain design decisions, and understand user needs.
  • Bachelor’s degree or better in Computer Science/Information Technology, Design or equivalent
  • Good team player who can communicate effectively and be a listener
  • Familiar with Agile software development practices