Manage all Activities in your School in one Digital Learning Platform App


Manage all Activities in your School in one Digital Learning Platform App


E Learning System

Empowering every student to achieve their full potential through current pedagogue integrated with technology.

Students are able to study, reinforce, and master concepts through multimedia such as animated videos, digital books, adaptive quizzes and exams. Receive instant feedback on learning progress in self-paced environment with fellow students.
Learning is personalized, easy, and fun
Animated Explainer Videos of Concepts
Learning Tools and Reference Materials are at your fingertips


Adaptive Quiz Taking, and Reporting

Challenge and Test your mastery on Subject Wise Topics
Assessments and Reporting via multiple choice, fill in blanks, essay and matching testing formats
Computerized based examinations in convenient location, scheduled timings


School Management

Run your organization streamlining resource and planning and standardizing operating procedure with an intuitive and flexible software
Course Creation
Class, User Management
School Based Enterprise Resource Planning of Requirements



Best way to connect Students, Teachers and Parent stakeholders in achieving learning results
Scheduling School, Class, and Personal events in Real Time
Announcements Notification
Attendance Tracking


On Premises and Online Deployment Options

Enrich, Enhance, and migrate the classroom in a combination of offline and online deployments depending on your IT Infrastructure
Accessibility to learning anywhere, anyplace
Bridge the digital divide where access has been limited to online only access

ERP / CRM features

Our ERP And CRM Features for students

Course Study
Keep student in touch with the Teacher, so they don’t lose their track of lesson material. Student can send messages, while uploading images can help Teacher understand what student ask, so they can communicate clearly.
Note Taking
Personalized School Calendar, Events, Announcements
Reminder and Notification

Our ERP And CRM Features for Teachers

Classroom Session
Class Management
Teacher can manage their class, like create groups of students to have them study in group.
Personalized School Calendar, Events, Announcements
Student Grade Book
Administration Workbooks
Reminder and Notification

Our ERP And CRM Features for Principal / Vice Principal

User Management
Class Management
The same as Teacher access for class management, but this is the super access for School Admin, where School Admin can manage all classes, create, edit, or delete the classes.
Teacher Enrollment
School Calendar, Events and Announcements
Mass Messaging
School Workbooks Management
Timetable Schedule Management
Custom Features

Our ERP And CRM Features for Farents

Track Your Child’s Progress
Browse Your Child’s Grade Book
Parents can check their own child’s grade every time they submit the assignments, or take the Quiz and Exam in school. Every score and grade is viewable in this app.
School Calendar (Timetable Schedule, Events, or Meeting with Teacher)
Tuition or Fee Management
New Student Register Status