Principal Roles

1 Day in Mrs. Lisa’s life at Middle School
  • Mrs. Lisa is a Principal in Middle High School.
  • She is very concerned about the education can create better life, so he always adapts with every updates that will improve education quality. So many things he concerned about:
    • She manages academics
    • She manages staff
    • She manages students
    • She manages parents
    • She manages inventories
    • She manages school finance
    • She manages school facilities and infrastructure
  • Technology is one of the crucial aspect to improve Education. By implementing School Portal, he believed Education in his school will improved a lot. Let’s see how School Portal really help Mr. Steven’s jobs.

At School: In the Morning

  • As a Principal, although Mrs. Lisa does not have regular schedule for all his jobs, she always checks his personal schedule in Calendar, trying to keep track what must be controlled and managed.
  • After that, Mrs. Lisa checks and manages the School Calendar, to ensure what kind of events occurred within this month. He adds new Announcements to Teachers to hold a meeting every Friday, and also posts Events to all students and teachers if there is a sudden event.
  • Mrs. Lisa checks Staff Attendance, to see if any Teacher is absent or not. If there is, Mrs. Lisa can ensure there is Substitute Teacher has been assigned on that day in School Portal, or Mrs. Lisa can assign other Teacher he thinks fit and available to enter that class.
  • Mrs. Lisa usually invites Parents in a meeting to discuss their children progress by invitation in School Portal. They usually hold the meeting in Video Conference Meeting provided by School Portal, since the Parents have the Parents Portal apps and they prefer this method too.

At School: In the Afternoon

  • Mrs. Lisa manages the School Workbooks, such as control the Learning Agenda filled by Teacher, Students Gradebook, or check the school inventory, financial, and library management documents, even manages the Government Administrative Documents.
  • She also supervise the Teachers with guide document provided in School Portal, see how they teach in the classroom, to see what kind of approaches, methods, and materials the Teacher bring to the students in classroom.
  • Mrs. Lisa even feels even more excited when he see Teachers are delivering the lesson in best method and all Students are keep motivated to study.