Student Roles

1 Day in Andy's Life at Middle School
  • Andy is a new student at 7th Grade Middle School
  • He wants to study at his best to finish the middle school, while find his best interest, to get prepared when ready to enter high school.
  • Andy always concerned about these :
    • He wants to manage his schedule better
    • He needs to study not only at school, to remind what was taught at school
    • Andy likes to write notes while learning, even while on the trip back to home

  • Let's look at how Andy's activities and how Student Portal help him in his school life.

Wake Up Early in the Morning

  • As usual, Andy is wake up early in the morning to get ready to go to school. He always checks the Student Portal app at his phone to see any notification or not.

  • Today, he see a notification says that there will be an Exam for 2nd Chapter of Mathematics next week. Now he know that he need to make a schedule in this week, to study that subject so he can prepare the best for the Exam. Andy open the Calendar and set his Personal Event: “Recurring Math Study - 2nd Chapter” at 7pm every day for 7 days. Now Andy will reminded to study at 7 PM for next 7 days

  • Beside check the Notification, Andy can check Assignments menu, to see any new assignment given by teacher. Andy always done the assignment given by teacher before the deadline because of this feature.

  • After that, Andy get his breakfast, and go to school by bus.

At School Activities

  • Andy study all of subjects in the classroom with guidance and instructions of teachers using Student Portal app in his PC:
    • He watches the Animated Videos and looks at the Summaries for the topics taught by the teachers
    • He takes the Quiz of some topics to test how good he understand the topic
    • Andy writes some Notes when listening to teachers explanations

Afternoon: On the Trip Back to Home

  • On the bus, Andy rechecks the Notes by his phone. The notes created in PC are synced to the Student Portal app in his phone. He reorganized the notes to make it clear when read them again.
  • He also rewatches the videos to keep in mind today’s topic concepts while in the bus

Afternoon: At Home

  • After get a little break, Andy continues to review the lesson in his PC:
    • He does Assignments given by Teachers and upload them to the Student Portal.

    • Sometimes Andy got some doubt on the topics, he types Messages to Teachers to ensure his understanding of the topics

    • After that, he checks the Timetable Schedule to prepare what have to bring and to school tomorrow, as recheck if he miss any assignment or task

Reminder at Night: Personal Calendar Event

  • Andy gets notified by his phone notification about a calendar event at 7 PM, which is “Recurring Math Study - 2nd Chapter”

  • He remember that he will study that chapter at least 30 minutes a day to prepare for the upcoming Exam
Andy feels refreshed about the topics and ready to end of the day, already prepared for the tomorrow good school day.