Teacher Roles

1 Day in Mr. Gary Life at Middle School
  • Mr. Gary is a Middle School Science Teacher.
  • He goals when teaching are:
    • Deliver the knowledge to students by updated methods and facilities
    • Schedule her activities better, because so much to do
    • Manage all teacher activities inside and outside of classroom
    • Manage school administration documents better

  • Let's look at how Mrs. Lisa’s activities and how Portal Guru help her in teaching.

At School: While in Classroom

  • When Mr. Gary has a class to attend, she will connect to the Portal Guru to access teaching tools.
  • He checks the students attendance in Portal Guru and write some notes for absent students.
  • He broadcasts the videos to whole students display and the projector, so students can see her explaining the topic.
  • Mr. Gary publishes Exam to the students to take Exam in their own PC in the classroom
  • Mr. Gary writes some Notes while teaching in the classroom

At School: While not in Classroom

  • For some periods, Mr. Gary is in the office because she doesn’t have any classes to attend, then she creates new lesson materials like:
    • Create new topic summaries
    • Create new assignments, quizzes, and exams
    • Upload videos related to topics

  • She also sets a Personal Calendar Event to remind her to continue these activities at home if needed
  • She checks Assignments submitted by students and Grading the Assessment in PortalGuru

At School: After School Time over

  • When students are dismissed, Mr. Gary checks her workbooks to fill, like Remedial Program, Enrichment Program, or Grade Book
  • After that, He leaves school and decided to go home

Night at Mr. Gary home

  • Mr. Gary rechecks the schedule, by open the Calendar, and set new Assignment and Exam schedule for some classes.
  • He also checks new messages to see if any student ask her some questions regarding the topics she taught that day, and reply them back
  • He gets reminder of Personal Calendar to check if any document or task is missed
Mrs. Lisa feels motivated knowing that her approach and methods of teaching can improve students understanding, and her responsibility as a teacher keep fulfilled as the workbooks are completed